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    Great combover haircut with the cut, and fade and hair trimmed at the top. I looked at different numerous barber shop and haircut salons and this place looks legit with a 4.6 out of 5 stars review. I went in around 2:30 Pm as a walk-in, one of the barbers greeted me located at the very corner of his station and mentioned if I had an appointment or walk-in. I mentioned walk-in, immediately I had Lonnie one of the only female workers assited me and asked me to sit down and asked me what type of haircut I was requesting, "I'm looking for a combover to the left with a fade, and cut" she took her time which I appreciated. This spot gets busy fast, for the location I seen a big overweight guy and his momma wait on the coach to get haircut and cut his thick ass beard, than 4 kids one black, latino, and two Phillipino kids, a black man with a cowboy hat (surprised he didn't have any Spur attached to his boots), two football shaped lookin dudes. Like Zion-I says at the barbershop people mind they own business. I felt like Lonnie at first had pre-conceived notions about me, maybe I wasn't social enough with her, at the same time coming here for the first time she probably doesn't feel to thrilled about doing my hair, I will say that she did an awesome and hell of a job with the combover, fade and deep cut. It's true never judge a book by its cover, Lonnie did a great job. She did a great job probably better tha 360 JeeZy on YouTube with the combover. It was worth tipping her an extra $$ maybe she will be happy next time she sees me, I'm just sayin. LOL. ????????????