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FadesStaying up-to-date with hair styles is extremely important to the fashion gurus out there. A haircut can say everything about a person with only a single glance, which is extremely important for those looking to make a great first impression. This is why going to a professional barber will be beneficial to get your hair the care it needs.

Kingsley's Barber Shop offers a variety of hair services for men, including fades. This particular haircut is very popular, but also extremely difficult to do correctly. A fade is when the hair around the neck and ears is very short, and then increases in length as it goes up to the top of the head. Combined with a comb over or a razor line up, fade haircuts are incredibly styling Since the change in length has to be gradual, it requires the patience and experience that our barbers provide.

Residents of San Jose, CA also come to us for other hair salon services such as beard trimming for the beard enthusiasts, kid’s hair cuts and tapers. We are a professional urban barber shop looking to provide you with an excellent haircut as well as hot towel shave services.